6 Ways to Save at Tanger Outlets

Spring vacations are right around the corner – Sunny skies, sand between your toes and outlet shopping. It’s a vacation staple. To ensure you’re getting the best bang for your buck, here are some smart and simple strategies to getting the already-discounted outlet prices even lower! 1. Coupons! Coupons! Coupons! Find them online, pick them … Continue Reading

President’s Day Prep

President’s Day sales are upon us, peeps! At Tanger, sales start tomorrow (the 17th) and run through Monday, the 20th. If you weren’t planning a trip already, I hope I change your mind by the end of this post. 😉 Per usual, I’ve put together a roundup of the weekend’s top deals that you must … Continue Reading

Romantic Night In

Dun dun dun! Valentine’s Day is coming up next week…Let me preface by saying that this post is for the ladies of the house that either like to do the planning themselves or are forced to (some guys just don’t get it)! 🙂 I gladly take on these special occasions because I enjoy it. What … Continue Reading

Groundhogs vs. Fashion

Well folks, today was the day… Ole Punxsutawney Phil, while a little hesitant to rise from his hole, made his 131st highly sophisticated (and trusted) meteorological prediction. Will we be bearing the winter chill for a little while longer or is it time to start planning for spring? Drum roll please… Winter it is! The … Continue Reading

Tanger Takes YOU on an Adventure

I’m always preaching Tanger’s benefits, but shoppers, this is one for the books – and one of many reasons to join TangerClub in 2017. Are you ready to hear one of Tanger’s new programs for 2017? I can barely contain my excitement! “Every month this year, Tanger will take a lucky member and their friend on … Continue Reading

Savings Made Easy

We’re still in the first month of the new year and you’ve all been so helpful holding me to my first resolution – Shop better and smarter at Tanger. As your resident #TangerSaver, I wanted to take a moment to remind those that are eligible to pick up their special treat next time you’re at … Continue Reading

Birthday Gifts for My Capricorn Clan

So, last week I addressed how I’m vowing to shop better and smarter in 2017 – and it’s the perfect time for me to start. I literally have 6 birthdays this month that I need to shop for – SIX. (And how lucky are they for two consecutive months of presents?!) Anyways, there’s no better … Continue Reading

New Year, New Savings!

Hope you all enjoyed your holidays and by the way, Happy New Year (as if you haven’t heard this 100 times)! I’m sure you’ve already confirmed your list of resolutions, but…..I’ve got one to add :-). It was at the top of my list, so of course I just have to share with you (and … Continue Reading

Full Closet. Full Wallet. Can’t Lose.

I hope everyone enjoyed a lovely weekend & holiday. I just can’t get over that in less than one week, we’ll be jumping into 2017. Wow, time flies! All this talk about next year has me reminiscing on 2016! It’s been great – especially for my wardrobe and my wallet, thanks to Tanger. So much … Continue Reading

Three Wise Looks for the Holidays

It’s official – the holidays are in full swing and I’m pulling out all the bells and whistles for dressing to the nines. Here’s why – over the course of the holiday week, I have Christmas Eve dinner with family friends, a big brunch on Christmas day, and I’m leaving the day after for a … Continue Reading