Savers, stop what you’re doing. I’ve got some vital info about the Tanger App and if you’re not in your App Store downloading the FREE app before the end of this blog, well, I’ll be shocked. Here’s 7 of the 100 reasons to download it just in time for the holiday season. (I could go on and on but I’d rather not bore you!) Click this link and follow the prompts – Tanger makes it a breeze to use.

1. Coupons & Offers


Going to Tanger for me is like planning a trip. I think about what I need, what stores will have the styles I’m looking for and then most importantly, what stores have extra deals! There’s always one or two more stops that make my list simply because they’re offering a great deal while I’m there.

NEWS FLASH: The app makes it that much easier to find these steals and deals!

All you have to do is click on the Coupons & Offers tabs, and voila! You can check out the directory of stores on your phones and the associated discounts. Thank you, Tanger, for making my life easier.

2. E-Gift Card

As we’re already approaching the second week of December (how did this happen?), I’m sure everyone’s aware the holidays are right around the corner and I’m already planning to send E-GIFT CARDS to friends & family (and hopefully receive a few – Hint, Hint, Mom!)

Guess what? You can send one right from your phone! And better yet, access it through your phone too!

Say goodbye to bulky wallets and an embarrassing moment at the checkout line sifting through a pile of gift cards. Tanger makes it digital, keeping it fast and easy.

3. Notifications – Yes, please!

If you’re like me, you probably have as many notifications turned off as possible on your phone. It’s just too much sometimes.

But trust me when I say turn your notifications ON for your Tanger app!  

You’ll receive national and center specific offers and sales info based on your location, plus get exclusive app-only specials and messaging when you’re near one of Tanger’s outlet centers. That’s right – deals sent straight to your phone without any effort from you, and exclusive specials just for having the app.

4. Capture those receipts, Savers!

This is probably my favorite part. As you could have guessed, I am a TangerClub Member (It’s only $10 to join you get the best rewards.) One of my favorites is the receipt capture. I always save my receipts to get extra deals at the stores I shop at. A no brainer, right?

The app allows me to take photos of my receipts and submit them to my personal TangerClub Rewards account – making it easier than ever to get the deals I want on the brands I love!

5. Cost Per Wear


Hold onto your seats. If you haven’t downloaded the app by now, you definitely will after hearing this. As a Saver, I’m all about repurposing items I buy. I want them to last as long as possible but sometimes it’s hard to judge. Of course, Tanger added a feature to make this easier.

Allow me to introduce you to Tanger’s Cost Per Wear.

All you do is login, click that tab,  plug in the price of the item, where you plan to wear it, and for how long. And Bam! You get a Cost Per Wear. Can you believe this feature?!

It really helps me make those tough decisions if something is worth it or not knowing I’m only going to wear it once or twice. And better yet, it helps me justify buying those more expensive finds if I know I can wear it to multiple events.

6. Social Streams


I love this feature while I’m actually shopping. It’s fun to check out the StyleShare feed in the app for some great inspiration while in-store.

Anytime someone posts to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest or YouTube with #TangerStyle, their posts show up in the feed!

The default is Twitter, so if you’re more of an Insta gal like me, just switch the feed on top. I know I want to see your #TangerStyle and I’m sure your friends and family do too. So tell everyone to download the app and check it out!

7. Parking Pins

You can drop a pin once you park to see the events taking place and see a mall map. No more wandering around looking for your favorite store or trying to search in multiple different places for the best savings at the center – they’re all right in front of you (if you’re on your phone that is.)

And the best part – Never forget where your car is again! You can look up the pin you dropped when you first parked your car and the app will take you right to it when you’re done shopping.

Okay, I’ll spare you the rest of my fAPPorite things (too far?) and let you explore the other benefits for yourself.

Get to downloading and hAPPy shopping for the holidays! 🙂

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