It’s official – the holidays are in full swing and I’m pulling out all the bells and whistles for dressing to the nines. Here’s why – over the course of the holiday week, I have Christmas Eve dinner with family friends, a big brunch on Christmas day, and I’m leaving the day after for a trip to the beach (talk about a packed schedule – and a much needed packed suitcase)!

Since shopping is the last thing I have time for, the only trip I’ll be taking beforehand is a walk to my closet. If you couldn’t tell from my title, I’m sharing my three “wise” holiday looks for my holiday plans – straight from yours truly’s closet (and all from Tanger, of course!)

Look # 1: Christmas Eve



Every year we’re told to dress somewhat casual for Christmas Eve dinner, but everyone always looks adorable, and I expect to be one of them ;-). My long-sleeve top, black tassel necklace and fur vest will surely impress!

Look # 2: Christmas Brunch


I just knew purchasing this red dress would come in handy. My one-of-a-kind asset, paired with my Cole Haan over-the-knee boots is the ultimate holiday look. Christmas brunch, we’re coming for you!

Look # 3: Beach Attire



Remember how I saved during TangerStyle Pink? Well, I’ll be rocking these sunglasses during my trip (fingers crossed it’ll be sunny!) I also figure my checkered cardigan & jeans are key to a beachy look during the winter season to stay warm, of course!

And just like that, I’ve got three different looks to wear to three different events in three different places!

To reward myself, I may or may not have a little pit-stop planned on the way down to the beach. Tanger Outlet Daytona Beach just opened so timing is perfect! I’ll be checking my Tanger App for deals while on the road.

I hope you enjoy a wonderful holiday and stay tuned to see what I get on my pit-stop!

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