Hope you all enjoyed your holidays and by the way, Happy New Year (as if you haven’t heard this 100 times)! I’m sure you’ve already confirmed your list of resolutions, but…..I’ve got one to add :-). It was at the top of my list, so of course I just have to share with you (and hopefully convince you to add it to yours too).

Drum roll please…

I’m vowing to shop better and smarter at Tanger in 2017!

Here’s how:

1. Join TangerClub

If you haven’t had the chance to read my Join #TangerClub blog post, boy are you missing out. I assure you, being part of TangerClub has some great perks – aside from savings, deals & coupons, you get some pretty neat free things! AND it’s only a one-time, $10 fee.

2. Use the Tanger App

Like I’ve noted before, One of My Favorite Things is the Tanger App! I use it all the time, but I plan to use it even more to stay up to speed on all the events and sales happening at my local Tanger center. Tanger fanatics, the App has a list of events taking place in 2017 – talk about making it easy to plan ahead!

3. Sign up for Tanger Email

I’m on social media ALL the time (duh), so I know this one will be super easy for me: Checking my email more often to start saving before anyone else. All you have to do is register here & you’ll be the first to know when new brand name stores open at your fave center and when your favorite store has a sale. #TangerInTheKnow

4. Always use the Coupon Book

I love sharing the many deals taking place at Tanger, but I get to save even more with my coupon book! I mean, who wouldn’t want a book full of discount offers? (Don’t get me wrong I love to read, but a book where I can save money? Well, I’ll take that any day.) And they’re only $5 at Shopper Services! FREE for AAA, AARP, College Students, Military personnel and hometown heros.

5. Visit Shopper Services

Tanger should start calling this place “Shopper Bliss” – they have the answers to ALL of your questions! Shopping can get a little hectic sometimes, but next time you’re feeling overwhelmed (or you’ve saved all those receipts for one deposit), stop by the booth and you’ll feel better than ever.

So, have I convinced you to shop better and smarter with me? I sure hope so! Stay tuned for new exciting programs in 2017 that you can be part of.

Don’t forget that I’m here if you have any questions or want some advice on how to save at Tanger!

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